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3 Giant Tomato or Blueberry Plants for $10 (plus Shipping)

Our back yard is too shady for gardening, so I've been contemplating what to put in large pots on our deck this year.  Last year my husband's aunt grew a giant tomato tree in a pot and I was in awe over the tomatoes she got.  She even had enough left to can after what they ate.

There is currently a deal on 3 Giant Tomato Trees from Gardener's Choice for only $10, plus $7.95 shipping (tomatoes).  I've been told the tomatoes do well in both pots and gardens.  You can also get 3 additional tomato plants for just the cost of shipping them.

Tomatoes come in preseeded pots and require about 90 days to yield tomatoes.  There is a 30 day money-back guarantee if your tomato plant doesn't grow.

The deal is similar on the Giant Blueberry bushes!  You pay $10, plus $6.95 shipping for two plants.  Opt to receive the 3rd plant free and just pay the shipping cost!  These supposedly yield a higher amount of blueberries than a regular bush! 

Please let us know if you've had any luck with either of these plants! 

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Jen F. said...

I bought a tomato tree at a local gardening center last year. It was already started as a plant. I paid $14.95. It was huge and put out more tomatoes than we could eat. Prepare to use large stakes! The tomatoes were great.

Scott and Paula said...

I just received in the mail yesterday my blueberry bushes and my banana plants. I'm not holding my breath, but we're excited to see what we get. =)


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