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Contacting Companies for Coupons: Day 6

Companies love to hear from consumers with specific comments about their products. Many companies will send out coupons automatically because you took the time to email them. It is even OK to ask companies if they have coupons or if they could send you some!

So far I've given you a total of 100 companies to contact.  Many of you had a huge success with this and have requested more!  Here is the sixth set of 20!

Just click on the company name and you'll be directly linked to their contact form.  Be honest.  Tell them what you like or dislike about their product.  If you haven't tried the product, tell them you'd love to try it and ask them if there are coupons available.
  1. Capri Sun
  2. Juicy Juice
  3. Roman Meal Bread
  4. Best Life Spread
  5. Breyers
  6. Tyson
  7. Otis Spunkmeyer
  8. Land O Lakes (click "other questions or comments"
  9. Breakstones
  10. Tostitos
  11. Butterball
  12. Frenchs
  13. Hidden Valley
  14. Ragu
  15. Sabra
  16. Fleishmann's Yeast
  17. Domino Sugar
  18. Skippy
  19. Crystal Light (Kraft form, but for Crystal Light)
  20. New York - bread, croutons
If you missed the first 20, just click "emailing companies" below to see them!

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This is a great idea and it works! i have used it on a few items that i have seen on TV and wanted to try out.

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