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Extreme Couponing From Home (You Heard Right!)

Many of you watched the two 30 minute Extreme Couponing episodes last night on TLC.  While the number of items the ladies purchased for next to nothing was amazing, it is really not all that practical for most of us for a number of reasons.

You can certainly save an AMAZING amount of money each month without being an Extreme Couponer!  I do!  Many of you were scratching your heads and wondering how it was all possible.

Since there are only a handful of stores with great sales and lenient coupon policies in this country, and I don't live in one of them, I use a variety of 'other' ways to save money, in addition to "REASONABLE Couponing"!

One of my favorite ways to get deals on items I can't buy with coupons is to shop at Amazon with gift cards I've earned through Swagbucks.  I spend an average of $25 per month at Amazon with searches I've done through Swagbucks.  I try to stretch that $25 as far as I can by finding rock bottom prices on items to build my stockpile.  *Keep in mind, these are items I rarely am able to get on sale for less, and they end up being FREE with my Swagbucks earnings!

This month, I have purchased:
  • Cascade
  • Ragu
  • Kleenex
And last month I purchased:
  • Cereal
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Lipton Onion Soup
Doing daily searches at Swagbucks and finding codes will help you build your Swagbucks total and help you shop from your computer, too!  Just think of the time you'll save clipping and shopping!  Plus in most states, there is no tax on items purchased from Amazon!

Have you put your Swagbucks earnings to good use lately?  Tell us how!

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Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...

I do that too.... I bought Apple Jacks, CapriSuns, Thai Peanut dinner kits, Wanchai Ferry dinner kits, etc

Lacy said...

I took advantage of the Skippy Peanut Butter deal, the Mandarin ORanges, and the Ragu. Oh, and the Glad Trash bags!

I hope to see more great deals from Amazon! They are a huge time saver!

Aimee said...

I have been able to use Swagbucks for birthday and Christmas gifts at Amazon. This helps our budget!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Amazon was great for groceries!?

Anonymous said...

Through my Swagbucks I have purchased a chain saw, books and camera equipment.

My best friend buys music for her ipod.

I love swagbucks!

wirasi said...

I'm glad you brought up Swagbucks and Amazon 'cause something has me stumped. Can you explain the price disparity between the $5 eGift card and the $25 eGift cards? The $5 GCs are 90 swagbucks per $1 and the $25 GCs are 126 swagbucks per $1. Wouldn't it be advantageous to buy multiples of the $5 ones or am I missing something here??

Renee said...

I just started Swagbucks about 6 weeks ago. I decided to try it to see if I could get most of our Christmas presents with the Amazon cards. I see it helps to do their deals- try Netflix deal and Living Social daily deals- but have gotten 4 $5 Amazon cards so far!


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