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Extreme Couponing Season Premier on TLC

Extreme Couponing is just that--extreme--and it's coming back to TLC for a full season (12 episodes).  If you didn't see the show that aired around Christmastime, take a look at the video above to see what it's all about.

The season premier of TLC's Extreme Couponing is set to air at 9 pm EST on Wednesday, April 6.  Will you be watching?

I'll be tuning in.  To be honest, I'm worried they might be giving couponers a bad name.  We're all not that extreme!  What do you think???

After the show, we'll be having a discussion about what aired.  Stay tuned for details.

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Alicia Bates said...

I'm afraid you're right about the bad image thing. We saw the commercial for the show last night and my daughter turned to me and said "Mama, just don't become like that." Ugghhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree, giving us a bad image. I buy what I need with coupons not 100 boxes of cereal. I love to save $ but hope that coupons become too popular or the good deals may stop. Also, in my area none of the stores double, so I can't get $200 worth of stuff for $6. I'm going to watch but I hope it doesn't portray all couponers in a bad light.

Shannon said...

I saw the previews for that last night! I have it all set up on my DVR---I told my husband the same thing...not all of us have our lives 'revolve' around couponing...hopefully people realize that! It'll be fun to watch though. :)

Kim said...

I wish there was away to get our voices on this show. People like this on the show are hoarders. Not the typical couponer.

Renee said...

I admit there is a "high" you get when you've gotten a good deal but I agree with Kim- of the 4 people shown on the 1st episode- 2 of them- Amanda (the first gal)and the guy- they are HOARDERS. I told my husband when I take over 3 rooms of my house for my stockpile-that he could have me committed! I would love to get free tp but their "lifetime" walls of it?? And did anyone notice that Amanda never mentioned donating any of it? The guy had MANY bottles of salad dressing- that stuff has an expiration date-why stockpile just to let it go bad???

Michelle/Money Saving Madness said...

Well you have to realize they are airing it because of the extreme. It's reality TV but not truly reality. Look at all the other "reality" shows out there --Real Housewives -- um that's not reality!!! I hope people realize that.

:) It will be fun to discuss this after the show. The previews are pretty crazy, but Nathan, who will be on the show, emailed to let me know he will be making a huge donation during one of the episodes.

stephanie said...

I totally agree with you. We watched one show a couple weeks ago & it portrayed such a horrible view of couponers. I try to stretch the buck & I donate at least 2-4 full paper bags of groceries each month of items I get for free that my family doesn't use. However, these people have 10 lifetime supplies of deodorant/shampoo/pasta/etc. that has taken over their garage/house or they will special purchase hundreds of an item when a sale hits by buying hundreds of coupons. Its insane. I think Rene is right, its hoarding. If you saw the show where these people where just shoving things in there house. There also was a woman who had her child rummaging through a dumpster for coupons. Really? She had gloves but her child didn't. She has a blog, but I don't follow it. IT makes the rest of us who are just trying to save, get by or stretch the dollar look bad.
Sometimes couponers get a bad rap. I know I have had my fair share of "discussions" at a register, when the clerk thought I was trying to scam or steal the store & I was only buying 1 -2 items, following the store rules/ad, etc.
I think the manufacturers are paying attention to this too. I think it affects the coupons they put out there as well. There might not be as many high value coupons or deals due to these people & the show. I will be watching, but not looking forward to the repercussions.

Anonymous said...

I agree. My first impression when I saw the commercial was that this show is going to give us couponers that are just trying to save some money to help our family get by a very bad name in the eye of stores. I fully believe it's the extremer's out there that make it hard for us to actually use coupons. They take advantage of the situation, clear shelves and then stores and managers start refusing to take a Mom's 2 coupons for baby food. I don't like the show already, and I am a big couponer....but only within our family's means and needs.

nat said...

I thought the preview of this show a few months ago was terrible. The show really made me mad and I felt it gave couponers a bad rep. I will not be watching this show.

Michelle @ MSM said...

I agree with all of you and refused to watch the first show and never discussed it on this blog.

However, I am working on a small effort to show more people how to save money without being extreme. In fact, so many people such as myself work full time and have a hard time saving because they are busy with work and family. There has to be balance in life.

I personally only buy what I can and need. I wish I had more time to buy things I could donate. But I am not about to spend my days and nights shopping just to do so.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of the show. Personally I wish they wouldn't air it. But they are, so lets get the word out there to those that watch it that couponing and saving money doesn't really look like that!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that this could destroy couponing.Especially if they show the people who misuse coupons and ruin it for us that depend on coupons to feed our families.

Melanie said...

I agree with the bad image.... when I post my deals on facebook to friends some gave me crap for it and I am by no means EXTREME... they say people like us should donate, blah blah blah.... well if I find something free I'll get it and donate it otherwise we use it. I think of it as a source of income, which is nice since I'm a stay at home mom.
I am however very excited for the show!


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