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Saving Money: Cash in on Spring Cleaning

It's Spring and it's time to clear out clutter.  If you haven't used items in years, it may be time to find them a better home!  Here are a few ways to turn your clutter into cash.
  1. Donate  Tax deductions are an important savings strategy for some people.  If you itemize on your taxes or have a small business, this is a very important way to lower your taxes paid.  Instead of selling gently worn clothing or toys for a quarter, consider donating it to Goodwill or Salvation Army.  This will help on your income taxes and give you a larger return.  Be sure to get a receipt.
  2. Craig's List  If you think your item is worth a considerable amount, try Craig's List.  It is really easy to list items and it costs nothing.
  3. Ebay  Be sure to research the item you wish to sell to see what the average going rate is.  If you see similar items selling, try listing your item.  Keep in mind you will have to pay fees to Ebay and Paypal.
  4. Word of Mouth  Tell your friends about the items you want to sell.  You might be able to swap items or sell them without having a garage sale.
  5. Consignment Shops  f you have a consignment shop in your area, take your items in to see what they'll pay you.  Normally you won't get what the item is worth because the consignment shop does have to sell it and make a profit.  However, this may be the way to go if you don't have time to sell your items yourself.
  6. Garage Sales  Though they are a huge undertaking, garage sales may net you some big bucks.  Consider having a group garage sale with friends and share the cost of advertising.  It will be more fun and will probably bring in more traffic.
  7. Used Electronic Swaps  If you have used electronics to get rid of, consider Swagbucks, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Recyclebank.  They'll reward you for recycling your items!
How have you cashed in on Spring cleaning?  Have you had a huge success getting rid of your items?

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Momma and Her Doodle said...

Consignment shops are great for kids items!


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