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Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter for $7.29

Amazon.com has the Felknor Ventures Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter marked down from $20 to $7.29! Get free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25!

I have never had a Topsy Turvy planter and would love to hear your results if you've had one!

Thanks, Shopping Tips and Tricks!

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stephanie said...

I'm a big gardener & my sister gave me one as a practical joke. Tried it last year. Not very practical. The thing weighs a ton with all the dirt & water, so be prepared to hang it from something that can hold that much weight. The free-standing plant stands do not work. Does not hold water well, so constantly watering. Plus, the tomato plant curves back up towards the sun. IT does not grow as the picture shows, but the plant curves & twists in an odd angle, which I think puts stress on the plant because it goes against nature. The yield of tomatoes was really poor. IMO, its gimmicky & not practical. You are better off planting your veg in a container on the ground.

Michelle @ MSM said...

Thank you Stephanie! I was thinking the same thing, but would have given it a try. Now I will not!

My husband's aunt had a tomato plant that grew like a tree in a pot last year. It was amazingly huge. Have you any idea what variety that would be? I'd like to try something.

Our back yard is shady most of the day and I'm not planting a garden in the front!

stephanie said...

I would go to a reputable greenhouse in your area. Not target or home depot, etc. Ask them directly what tomato plants do well in containers. Some are more leggy & tall, verses some are more compact & bushes (specifically grown for pots). There are tons of varieties & it really depends on your area of the country, what you want to use it for (sauce, slicing, canning, heirlooms, etc.). Most varieties of grape or cherry do well in pots. I'm in Michigan & we have a short growing season, so our varieties will be a bit different than the rest of the country. I usually splurge on the tomato plants & will purchase a larger plant (4 inch pot) for about $1.00-2.00 (depending on variety). If you buy a slightly larger plant, less time you have to wait to get the fruit. Also, some seeds are very temperamental to start. Also, purchase some fertilizer especially for tomato plants. You will need at least at12-20 inch deep pot, depending on the variety you choose, etc. A good garden center is the key. They are skilled in teaching the consumer what he/she needs to do & how to be successful. MOst tomato plants need a good 8+ hours of direct sun. Check you library too for container veg garden books for how to get started too. Some good authors are: Mel Bartholomew, Jerry Baker, Burpee has a few too. They might even have websites. Happy Planting!

Michelle @ Money Saving Madness said...

Thanks for all the information! I certainly appreciate it! I will do just that!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to second what Stephanie said. The plate that goes over the top of the bag has a very small hole for the water to get into the bag. We "bought" 2 of them last year. They were free after rebates and they still were not worth the price of the stamp to mail in the rebates. We do not have gutters and thought it would be a great place to hand one bag. I was still watering the thing every day trying to saturate all of the dirt in the bag.


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