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What's for Dinner?

TGIF!  I really look forward to Fridays.  It is the only day of the week I don't have to taxi my clan to swim practice.   We've got about two more weeks to go on that, but we're starting softball tomorrow and T-ball in a month.  When my kids were little, I said I would never run like that!  I'm eating my words!

With our schedule so tight, I have a really hard time with dinner, but keeping a calendar and committing to my nightly meal in this post has helped me tremendously.  Since September, I think we have only ordered delivery twice, which has saved us a tremendous amount of money.

Due to my crazyness this week, I did not get to grocery shop.  I am getting done with work early today and plan to make a trip to Aldi.  Our dinner hinges on this as I plan to pick up some deli pizzas and salad fixins!

Friday's Meal:
Aldi Deli Style Pizzas
Fresh Strawberries

What's on your menu?

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momma-lana said...

Another college boy request. Apparently spagetti sauce in his college dining hall is a vehicle to clean out the refrigerators and all sorts of strange things can be found in it! So---

garlic bread

stephanie said...

Scary Spaghetti sauce! I remember those days....Yuck-o!

Tonight, hubs is taking us out to dinner. He wants a burger & a beer at our local pub! Yeah, no cooking for me. However, I do have to finish laundry & clean all 3 bathrooms that have been accosted by boys with poor aim.

momma-lana said...

UCK! Boy bathrooms. I am waiting until this one goes back to school and give that one a good cleaning. He ALWAYS shaves off his full beard while he is home on break and there are little bits of whiskers everywhere.

Money Saving Madness said...

You guys are funny! But I honestly don't get the spaghetti sauce thing!

Bathrooms are on my list today.

momma-lana said...

According to my son you can find ANY kind of meat that has been served in the last week and mystery veggies mixed into the spaghetti sauce-this is how the dining hall cleans out the refrigerator. His school also mixes all the leftover cookies into banana flavored pudding and that is how they get rid of the stale cookies. Poor baby-he is a whole NINE miles from home and eats here frequently!!


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