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What's for Dinner??

I have been so disorganized this week.  I'll admit I had a mental plan for dinners, but I never wrote it down.  I love to be organized but my life for the past year has been mostly fly by the seat of my pants style, which I really don't enjoy.  I'll try harder next week.  I promise.

You'll know when I am suffering from dinner burn-out.  It'll be breatkfast for dinner night!  That's tonight!  My kids will love it....my husband will not.

Wednesday's Dinner Plan:
Crock Pot Hash Brown Breakfast Dinner Casserole *gets great reviews!
Mandarin Oranges'

What's on your menu?  Inspire us!

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stephanie said...

Heading out soon to take the youngest to pediatric gastro doc. Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't eliminate more from his diet. UGH! However, if its his favorite beef tenderloin, that I'll take! So, we will be heading home late (its an hour away). Hubs is in charge of re-heating leftovers from yesterday's fajitas, veggies & dip, fruit, big green salad.

momma-lana said...

Because I've been gone all day and my kitchen has been occupied by a bunch of college girls baking a birthday cake for one of their professors until 5:30 I am taking the easy way out-
Tyson chicken tenders
baked potatoes
frozen veggies


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