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What's for Dinner??

If you are here that means you are trying to save money.  Creating a menu plan can save you hundreds per month.  I personally only create a plan for dinners.  It is the most stressful meal of the day and the meal that temps me to throw in the towel and order out!  But, I am committed to saving money, and ordering out would not be budget friendly!

This post is my stick-to-it plan!  You can stick to your meal plan and budget too, by leaving a comment in this post with your menu plan for the day.  Let's share our ideas and make life easier!

My Thursday Plan
BBQ Pork Braid (Like Chicken Broccoli Braid) with Cheese
Coleslaw or Salad (veggies & dip for the kids)
Mandarin Oranges

What's on your menu?  Inspire us!

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momma-lana said...

Ham and Spinach Manicotti
texas toast

stephanie said...

Never heard of a BBQ pork braid. Interesting! YOu'll have to let us know how it turns out.

Little man's choice today (he was kind on my wallet in this choice):
additional omelet for daddio


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