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What's for Dinner??

I'm saving $35 today by deciding not to order out for dinner.  I was really tempted.....

Friday's Menu

Sauteed Pierogies
Strawberry Pretzel Salad

What's on your menu?  Inspire us!

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Nicki S. said...

Salmon patties w/mashed potatoes and white sauce and peas. It's a recipe from my MIL and one of my husband's favorites.

momma-lana said...

Blackeyed peas over rice
green beans

Yum! Happy Friday everyone!

Melanie said...

can you post the recipe for pretzel salad?

Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

Long time lurker, first time commentor.

This post changed my day. Eating out is my biggest money temptation, and your first sentence gave me enough motivation to join you today. I know it is silly that such a simple statement inspired me, but I appreciate it!

Money Saving Madness said...

Rock Paper Scissors,
Wonderful!!! Everyone needs inspiration including myself!! Thanks for commenting. It is what keeps me going.

stephanie said...

Its just my oldest son & I tonight. Hubs at Tiger's opening day & youngest going to a birthday party. I am SOOOO tempted to order a pizza for us, but I too am sure I can dig something out of my fridge to feed the child. He's requesting boxed mac & cheese. That I can do! So...
mac & cheese
steamed broccoli
tuna patties (for me, kid won't touch tuna)
sliced oranges
I think the above cost me less than 2.00 total. Yahoo!


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