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What's for Dinner??

Cooking dinner is not my favorite job. I'm not uber confident in the kitchen and personally prefer a sandwich over a steak dinner most days.  I prefer cooking sandwiches, eating sandwiches, cleaning up from sandwiches and LOVE the time it takes to make them.  LOL!

That being said, there aren't many sandwiches on my menus.  I'd like there to be more!  I'm a bit tired of the crockpot and am looking forward to grilling season (if it would ever stop raining).  Aside from grilled cheese and turkey subs, my mind draws a blank.

What are your favorite meal sandwiches???  Does anyone have a panini grill?

Tuesday's Meal Plan:
Burgers on the Grill
Macaroni Salad
Veggies & Dip

What's on your menu?

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Carol said...

I use my old Foreman Grill as a panini press and it works great!

momma-lana said...

We love sloppy joes at our house--is that a sandwich? We also like something we call sloppy chicken or turkey which is just leftover chopped chicken or turkey with cream of chicken soup (I make my own). Hubby likes sloppy sandwiches on hot dog buns as they are easier to eat.

Did you get the black beans and rice recipe I posted for you yesterday?

Tonight we are having-
hamburger steaks
leftover scalloped potatoes heated and browned to a crust in a nonstick skillet
zuchini with onions
salad (my first harvest of the lettuce I grew this spring!)

I can't face another bite of ham-I will be chopping and freezing that today for future main dishes and eggs.

Michelle @ Money Saving Madness said...

Thanks so much for the recipe! I am going to put that on my list! I cannot wait to try it.

Thanks for the Aldi black bean tip. My local grocery store does not carry black beans and I keep forgetting to pick them up at Walmart.

I've had enough ham too! Saturday, Sunday and Monday we ate ham!

stephanie said...

The kids love when we have "sloppy Dogs", they think the name is so funny. I just use what I have.

No panini grill, but you don't need one.
1. I spray whatever bread I am using (I prefer french for these), with cooking spray.
2. Place in into any pan (non stick or cast iron, I like best)
3. Add your sandwich stuff.
4. Top with remainder bread.
5. PLace a heat resistant plate or pie pan on top of sandwich, give it a bit of a press down.
6. Place a heavy pan (cast iron works great) on top of the plate & cook (medium low)
7. When I am ready to flip, I spray the top side of the sandwich with cooking spray & flip. Repeat with the plate/pie pan & cast iron weight.

Burgers on the grill
potato salad
baked beans
fruit salad
veggies & dip


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