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What's for Dinner??

Yesterday's meal was a frugal deal gone TERRIBLY BAD!  You may remember I was planning on picking up my Groupon pizzas at Domino's.  I purchased them with some Groupon credits, getting a great deal.

I was on a tight schedule and needless to say, that's when things NEVER go as planned for me.  My Groupons did not work!!!  I ended up sorting it all out with Domino's thanks to the good people over at Groupon.  They replaced my Groupons that I paid around $10 to get, with $60 in Domino's gift cards, which should arrive in the mail in a few days.

That left me hanging for dinner, so at the last minute I phoned in a pizza order, sadly without my Groupons.

Tonight's meal:
Chicken Breasts on the Grill
Lana's Black Beans & Rice with Salsa & Cheese

What's on  your menu??

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MareMare said...

Mine's kind of similar! I had an amazing, low cal "Cuban bowl" last week at a healthy restaurant and am going to replicate that kind of. Bed of quinoa topped with sweet potatoes, black bean salad (beans, tomatoes, onion, cilantr), grilled chicken, a little cheese and hot sauce. Yum! The best part is that I have the quinoa, chicken, and sweet potatoes cooked already!


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