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Meet the Newest Member of Our Family

When a friend's cat had kittens six weeks ago I knew we were in trouble!  My daughter fell in love with them and I had to really consider such an undertaking!

Meet our new family member, six week old Oreo! 

I gave in and we've found this as an opportunity to learn reponsibility and kindness and the reason behind couponing/saving. 

She may see me as meanest mom in the world, but I have given my daughter some stipluations to this agreement.  She will take care of her kitty and she will coupon for food and litter.

Up until now, my 9-year-old has found couponing to be an annoying waste of time.  "Why bother to use coupons when you have money in your wallet," she has told me numerous times.  She will be paying for her cat supplies and she will (hopefully) see the benefit using coupons very soon!

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ellie mae said...

I think its awesome! Great learning tool. :)

momma-lana said...

What a cute kitty! I love the couponing idea! She will catch on. I've had to start telling some of my kids to buy their own Sunday papers if they want all the good coupons because they look through them before I do and try to take all take freebies.

Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...


my last black and white cat was named oreo too!!! Someone stole him I think though because he never came home one day and was such a CUTE cat(going to believe someone stole him and not the other alternative).

Nicki S. said...

Ohhh soo cute!

If you have a pet supplies plus near you, that's your best bet for cheap cat food when you can't find a coupon.

Good luck with the kitty. As a crazy cat lady with 3, I know all about the work involved!

Anonymous said...

I've found the cheapest litter is the clumping kind, you just have to scoop it daily. But.. I have the tidy cats breeze system, a great alternative to stinky litter.

Renee said...

My youngest cleaned both hampster's cages without me harping yesterday....so maybe she's growing up. Good luck with Oreo-what a cutie!


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