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Walmart Price Matching: Big Savings & Better Value

If you haven't price matched at Walmart, I would highly recommend it.  The new Walmart Price Matching policy makes it easier than ever to save on items that are on sale at other stores. 

Walmart has recently been advertising their new easier-than-ever price matching policy via national television spots and you will see it advertised throughout the store.

I tested this policy out this weekend, without an ad.  My cashier was happy to adjust the price -- no questions asked.  I simply told her that the Aldi price on Pineapple was $1.29 this week.  (The Walmart price was $2.99).  I bought two and saved over 50%.

Until now, I was buying my produce almost 100% from Aldi.  I have been completely happy with their produce, but I know many of you don't like shopping at Aldi, and some of you dislike your store's produce quality.  The answer for you is to price match Aldi's produce at Walmart.

There are other, less obvious ways to save at Walmart by price matching....
  • Price match oil changes
  • Price match grocery stores that don't accept printed coupons and use them at Walmart, who does.
  • Price match gardening items, flowers and supplies
Price matching at Walmart is a really great time saver.  If you don't have time to clip coupons, be sure to take your weekly ads with you to get the best price.

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Anonymous said...

I have done the price match at wal-mart and it is great because some store will not take printed coupons so I use the ad at wal-mart with my printed coupons. but if like me you live in a small town you don't what to give wal-mart all of your business you need to keep the other store alive.like when you don't have a coupon or you have a macf. coupon try to use other stores in town. you do not want to end up with no where to shop but wal-mart

Kathy - dealcookinmomma said...

they will price match produce???? i have never tried that because they would be picky and want it to be from the same produce grower/producer. WOW!! i will have to try this.


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