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What's for Dinner??

I've completed my weekly dinner plan for this week.  I do this each week on Sunday to avoid frustration and last minute purchases.  Being organized saves us money!  I haven't always been this way.  I learned the hard way!

Monday's Meal Plan
Homemade Stromboli
Fresh Mixed Fruit
Carrots & Dip

What's on your menu??

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Nicole said...

I try to plan a meal and my husband goes out and buys himself Chinese food!

Nicki S. said...

Tonight is stuffed cabbage with microwave mashed potatoes. Mom made the cabbage rolls yesterday and called me to pick up the leftovers. Score.

Money Saving Madness said...

You have to train him Nicole! LOL!

momma-lana said...

I'm back! Hubby and I ran away from home for 4 days! The college kids begin returning home tomorrow and we wanted to get away before we had to take anyone with us!

We ate out way too much and I will be glad to eat at home again.

Herb roasted chicken
saffron rice
sauteed frozen french green beans and onions

Michelle-I saw that ya'll liked the black beans and rice! We have it as our main dish and it serves 3, you must have thought I was nuts!

stephanie said...

Nothing fancy tonight & looking for ease!
Corned beef in crock pot
Steamed potatoes
glazed carrots
fruit salad

Michelle @ Money Saving Madness said...

I was actually wondering what happened to you! Glad to hear you are home! How nice to get away!

I doubled the black beans & rice recipe. There wasn't a bit left, so it actually served 5. My 5 year old ate three servings.

I went to Aldi over the weekend and bought 12 cans. I could not believe they were only $.55 per can!

So now I'd love to know how to make your saffron rice! You will have to let me know where to find the saffron.

Lana said...

It is actually a mix made by Mahatma. Little upright pouch that says saffron yellow rice. It may be a southern brand. We get .75/2 coupons for it on a regular basis and it often goes on sale for 2/$1. Way cheaper than buying saffron!

Glad you have found a black beans and rice recipe that everyone likes! It is great as a last minute dinner backup plan because if you leave out the ham it is all pantry items and so quick. I like to serve it for lunch with cornbread when all the kids and grandkids are here because it is a very inexpensive lunch for a crowd.


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