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What's for Dinner??

TGIF!  We're preparing for a busy Mother's Day weekend of baseball and visiting with grandparents.  My five-year-old picked the meal today.  We're having a bit of dinner distaste lately with certain unnamed children refusing to eat what I cook.

Friday's Meal
Burgers & Dogs on the Grill
Steak Fries
Fruit Salad
What's on your menu?

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momma-lana said...

Kids will eat when they get hungry enough! It is frustrating though! College kids have a way of doing that too. They tell me "I never liked that or ate it" ! My answer is take it or take yourself out to eat! They are too cheap to take themselves out!

We have a crazy day because we have to be at the homeschool graduation ceremony at 6:30 where the sons of 2 dear friends are graduating.

Hubby is working from home today because he had to go to McD's to verify that he is elegible to win the new Mustang. We will eat all the leftovers out of the fridge for lunch and grab a quick sndwich before we leave this evening.

Nicki S. said...

Homemade pizza on the menu with homemade sauce (And ps - after trying to make my own, I can't believe I ever got it pre-made! Highway robbery!).

momma-lana said...

Nicki-Please post your pizza sauce recipe! :)


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