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What's for Dinner??

Planning meals is a huge way to save money. Last minute dinner plans cost money and can often lead to hundreds of dollars wasted every single month. As busy people, it is easy to fall out of the routine of planning ahead. Join me planning and saving on meals by posting your dinner plan in the comments. You could win a $5 Amazon gift card!


After a few really nice days we are now experiencing thunderstorms and rain. Our 6 pm baseball game may end up being cancelled tonight. I cooked part of our meal yesterday, to get us moving quicker for dinner today. All I need to do is heat everything, which should just take a few minutes!

Friday's Meal Plan
Chicken Fajita Wraps
Black Beans & Rice

What's on your menu? It doesn't matter if you are eating grilled cheese or steak, we want to hear about it! You'll also be entered to win a $5 Amazon gift card! Please leave your email address!

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momma-lana said...

Leftovers from my birthday dinner last night!


Anonymous said...

spaghetti bolognese

fruit salad!


Anonymous said...

going to buffalo wild wings with my hubby for a loooong overdue date!


Nicki S. said...

We're doing either crispy ranch chicken w/mashed potatoes or pasta w/blush sauce (bertolli + coupon!). Whichever we don't do will be Sunday's dinner.

nickir18 at hotmail.com

stephanie said...

Grilled Asian pork chops
Grilled pineapple, onions & peppers
Sweet potatoes
S-laubach@ yahoo.com

Karen said...

Fried chicken legs, stuffing, baked beans, and rolls.

bintnizam@gmail.com said...

chicken fajits here too!


Anonymous said...

Grilled BBQ Chicken
Grilled Pineapple
Pineapple Jasmine Rice



MountainMommy said...

Tonight we are having taco salad. One of the few meals that all five of us enjoy.

erinldaly at hotmail dot com

Sunnie said...

We had leftover homemade pizza.
sunniewoodyplus2 atmsn.com

Anonymous said...

steamed rice
lentil soup
spicy cauliflower
dill salad


Jamie said...

Sloppy joes

belljamieb at yahoo dot com

notcathy said...

Rice and fried chicken for dinner. I am craving for fruit salad.. Hmmm.. I am planning to make it for dinner too, using my kitchen tools. :)


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