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What's for Dinner??

We ended up being obligated to sell 15 pizzas per child for baseball this year.  45 pizzas was really hard to do.  We did sell some, but we ended up having to purchase around 20 pizzas.  I've popped them into the freezer for days when I am too busy or exhausted to make dinner.

This is one of those days.

Our Menu
Pizza & assorted toppings

What's on your menu? 

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Nicki S. said...

Hubby comes home from Mexico today! Yay for no more single lady meals.

I'm thinking homemade pizza with pepperoni, but wouldn't really fight is my guy wants a burger. ; )

nickir18 at hotmail dot com

Courtney said...

Grilled Cheese or grilling out. It is really nice outside. So maybe some burgers on the grill! :-)

Anonymous said...

homemade nuggets
zucchini au gratin
chocolate cake


momma-lana said...

Our mouse saga continues. Trapped a mouse in daughter's room but there was a nest of babies who have invaded the upstairs. Momma could have had 2-16 babies. We have caught 3 and seen 1 more. This is not good :( I think these came home from college with her as we were invaded last year after she moved home too.

Youngest son moves home from college today. This means 2 more mouths to cook for as his girlfriend lives 5 minutes away and is always here.

Chicken and rice
oven fried okra-yum
fresh green beans



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