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What's for Dinner??

Things have gone haywire this week.  In my rush, I only got the main parts of the meal fixed and we threw something easy together with it.  I am hoping to plan more sandwiches & grilled items beginning next week.  Everyone is tired of the crock pot and casseroles.  We're going to try again on these items:

Ham Balls
Fruit Salad
Green Beans

What's on your menu?

Head over HERE to get 21 Must-Have Easy Picnic recipes! My mom makes the 7-layer salad and it is delicious!

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momma-lana said...

Sloppy Joes
baby carrots and dip

You should try the Fried Cabbage recipe on southernplate.com. Everybody loves this and I never have any leftovers!

stephanie said...

HOme-made pizza:
Veggie for me
pepperoni for hubs & kids
Fruit salad
green salad

Michelle said...

I will take your advise Lana! I never did make it.

We had such a busy day yesterday and I ended up making the kids PB&J.

I'm vowing to work on it for next week!


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