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Do Store Brands Save You Money?

Do you buy store brands?  In some instances store brands can save you money.  In others they do not.  It really all depends on the prices and coupons you may have, but it pays to compare.

I noticed an extreme difference in the product pictured above at Walmart.  Regular Gas-X was $4.34 and the store brand was $1.28.  Same size, same everything!  The difference in price....$3.06.  It would take a high value coupon to beat that.

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dawnbdh said...

You definitely have to compare prices. Before I started using coupons, I bought mainly generic products. Once I jumped on the coupon train I temporarily "forgot" about generics because of the good deals on name brands. I finally settled down and have started tracking generic brands in my price book next to the name brand products.
On a slightly different topic, when I first earned my RiteAid 20% off savings (for the whole year!!!) I was excited to get the discount for items that I had to buy regardless of it being on sale or not. However, depending on the product, Walmart tends to beat out RiteAid prices even with the 20%.
It sure can be overwhelming and tedious at times trying to remember all of these tips. Even though I have been couponing for a few years, I have recently gone back to using a price book for the products we use the most. I really Hate the extra time it takes to have one, but it sure helps me save as much money as I can, especially on items that I don't have a coupon for.

Shay said...

I have to say that is one thing that I always look at. I compare the well known brands to the store brand and the unknown brands because sometimes there is such a HUGE difference.


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