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Shop the Meat Markdowns for Savings on Meat

I lucked out on this post-Memorial Day meat markdown at Walmart.
Meat coupons are few and far between and if you are not careful, buying high priced meat can ruin your budget.  It took me a while to figure out how to save money on meat, but now that I know how to find meat markdowns, I've been able to save hundreds per year.  Here are some tips.

Know Your Store's Procedures for Marking Down Meat
If you shop frequently at a store, keep an eye on the meat expiration dates and watch when they get marked down.  Or, simply ask the meat department when they mark down meats.

Shop after the Holidays for Meat
Stores buy meat heavily for the holidays.  What doesn't sell gets marked down within the next few days.  I snapped the photo above at Walmart at 11 pm on 6/1/11.  There was a HUGE quantity of chicken marked down from Memorial Day.  I purchased 8 packages that were dated 6/5/11 and saved close to 50%.  I've found great pork prices after New Years and grat ham prices after Easter as well!

Shop Early in the Morning or Late at Night
This is definitely true for my stores.  My Giant Eagle marks down meats in the morning, while my Walmart marks down meats at night.  I almost never find meats marked down in the middle of the day.

Freeze Your Meat
If you shop the meat markdowns it is important to eat it right away or freeze it right away.  Since the meats are nearing their expiration dates, you wouldn't want to keep it in your refrigerator for too long.

Combine Meat Markdowns with Coupons when Possible
Prepackaged meats are also marked down when nearing expiration or during overstocks.  I love to combine these deals with coupons. 

Budget for Meat Markdowns
Purchasing meat during markdowns will lower your budget for the following weeks.  Be sure to set aside some of your grocery budget for the next meat markdown.  If you stalk the markdowns and stock your freezer, you will never need to buy meat at full price again!

If you have a meat buying tip be sure to tell us about it in the comments.

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