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What's for Dinner??

It has not been the smoothest week for me as far as dinners are concerned.  I try not to get worked up when it doesn't work out.  I am running on three schedules in the evening.  My daughter's swim schedule, my son's swimming lessons, and my daughter's softball practice.  Swimming is officially over in 2 weeks and then T-ball and softball are in full swing.  I said I would never do this. :(  To say the least, I am exhausted by dinner.

Wednesday's Meal PLAN:
Country Style Ribs in the Crock Pot
Baked Beans
White Rice

What's on your menu?

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stephanie said...

Its so hard to limit the activities kids are involved in, especially if you have more than 1 child. Tonight I'm busy (monthly cards with my gfs)& hubs has both baseball practices for boys.
Making tray of spinach pie & muffins to take to my folks (dad's having cataract surgery). So.....
Hubs is in charge:
hot dogs for kids (the man is a bit challenged in the kitchen)
orange slices
veggies & dip
Spinach Pie for hubs

momma-lana said...

Stephanie-hope your Dad does well with his surgery :)

We are having baked tilapia with lemon pepper and garlic
saffron rice
green salad

I said I wouldn't do that running either but relelnted when the kids were in high school. Since we homeschooled alot of our activities were in the daytime and for all ages which made it easier.


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