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What's for Dinner??

It has been ridiculously HOT here in PA.  The humidity is nasty!  We don't have the luxury of central air, since our weather is normally not this hot.  Turning on the oven would be a form of torture.

I'll be taking advantage of my own Domino's Pizza Deal tonight.  You can't beat $12.60 for two large pizzas and cinna-sticks.  I've got Domino's gift cards from my Groupon deal, so I won't be paying a dime.  We'll add salad and fresh fruit.

What's on your menu?

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momma-lana said...

I am thankful that we DO have central air. It is rough in the south without it!

The last of our company left this AM--including our little grandsons :( I have a bowl of leftover mashed potaotes and some cut up watermelon to use. I'll add creamed chicken and homemade biscuits, brocolli and salad for those who don't want watermelon.

I hope you get some relief from the heat soon! We are supposed to be over 95 all week. I took my grandsons for a walk at 8:30 this morning and we were sweating when we came back.

Anonymous said...

Where in Pa are you from? I'm from Schuylkill Haven and leaving on Sunday for Ft. lauderdale for a cruise. I was at the grocery store and someone said to me that it is probably cooler there lol.


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